The Medical Science Academy is dedicated to providing the best opportunities for their students. There are a variety of different activities that the Academy provides which allow students to learn skills useful for future medical careers and educational experiences. These activities are planned with medicine in mind, and are targeted to push the interests of the students.

Activities are not forced upon the student; rather, open doors are presented, and it is the student's job to walk through.


The Academy offers many community service opportunities so that students can give back to the community. MSA stresses the importance of being a great community member along with being a student.


The Academy makes efforts to build community interest in medicine through elementary and middle school outreaches. 


The Academy allows students to exercise their practical skills by providing care to those in need during school athletic events such as football, cross country, basketball, and more.


The Academy builds college readiness and knowledge through several college tours, which allows students to learn more about the college process and college life.


The Academy proudly competes and wins at state and national competitions, testing the knowledge of its students against thousands of others.


The Academy leads many projects and clubs that allows students to be creative and give back to others. Students have the ability to start new projects and be apart of amazing clubs that are connected to medicine.


An important aspect of success is teamwork. The Academy promotes team bonding through various fun activities held throughout the year. 

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