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Our leaders are expected to be the face of the academy. This means that they exhibit good grades, are respectable students, and understand the material better than anyone else.

Our leaders are the driving force of the academy. They take matters in their own hands and are self-initiated problem solvers.

Our leaders are the heart of what it means to be an Academy student.

Leadership is in charge of almost everything that the academy does. When it comes down to events, outreach, social media, fundraising, etc., the MSA Leadership committees are always on it.

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The HOSA committee is dedicated to incorporating the mission and principles of HOSA (a student led organization which enables students to learn how to become future health professionals) within the Medical Science Academy. This includes giving students insight on leadership skills and ways to prepare for the competitive events at the annual State Leadership Conference and International Leadership Conference. This committee is also responsible for creating opportunities for Academy students to become more involved in HOSA and hosting study sessions for both written and practical events.



The Bonding committee is responsible for planning and organizing bonding events for all MSA students in order to connect and build relationships with fellow students. They plan all bonding events such as the Ice-cream Social, Water Balloon Fight, Pumpkin Decorating Contest, Halloween Breakfast, and more!

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Room Coordination

The Room Coordination committee is responsible for taking care of all of the equipment MSA students use for practice and for athletes that come in the room for treatment. The Room Coordinators make sure the equipment and room stay in good, working condition so that MSA can take pride in the Academy and the tools students use every day. With each holiday, they also decorate the room, bringing many festivities to MSA.



The Social Media Committee oversees the media side of MSA including the newsletter, emails, website, advertisement, videos, photos and more. The committee is in charge of all  MSA social media pages such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where multiple posts are made each week about current MSA events and day to day activities. Additionally, the committee makes monthly newsletters summarizing past and upcoming events for MSA students and parents. Besides this, any email, brochure, poster, etc. that needs to be made is done by the committee as well.

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