A high school academy is a program that connects career interests to committed and driven students. It surrounds these students with others who have the same interests and future goals. Academies allow students to explore their interests and further their knowledge in a specific career field.

The Medical Science Academy is a four-year high school program that incorporates medical knowledge into general education classes, while preparing students for a future career in the medical field. It opens the door to opportunities that help develop character, leadership, communication, and more.

Students in MSA work in a cohert and take classes specified to their needs. Each class expands on medicine and tries to engage students interests.Students get to choose between 2 different pathways to pursue their interests and goals. Along with academic benefits, students receive training in medical procedures, experience patient care, and partake in hundreds of activities outside of school that help them build their college resume. With so many students building the body of the academy, a large alumni network has been created so students can network like never before.

The Medical Science Academy was established to create an education plan for driven students, to prepare them for positions in the medical field, and provide opportunities for college scholarships. Students are introduced to various medical careers and are taught various skills that will prepare them for the future. To drive our students to success, we are looking to raise money for scholarships, give real life internship opportunities, implement medical topics into every subject, and allow many hands-on learning experiences.


Medical Science Academy students will learn how to problem solve, take initiative, learn medical terminology, and develop communication and motor skills needed in medical careers.



The Medical Science Academy could not have started if it was not for the hard work of the Valencia High School Sports Medicine Program.13 years of students have created a foundation for the formation of this academy.


 The Medical Science Academy  is highly dependent on its student leaders. They complete tasks such as planning events, communicating with colleges and teachers, leading their fellow peers, and teaching those below them. We select the students who are best in their class in order to keep the academy at the quality it is at.

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